People We Support

Mental Health:

We have a range of provision to meet the needs of service users who may either be detained under the Mental Health Act, and for those who are not.

We specialise in supporting people with complex, enduring and chronic mental health conditions. The typical profiles of our service users are those people who are treatment resistive, lack insight, have struggled to cope in other environments, and are currently disengaged from their own recovery journey.

Our focus is on the psycho-social aspects of therapeutic engagement as a method of increasing the individual’s self-esteem and confidence. We view this as fundamental to engagement in the more advanced stages of the recovery journey. We therefore adopt what we term “a non-direct approach to the treatment of mental illness”.

Through a process of Active Support, CBT, and Life Coaching we gently nurture the service users to develop new skills in daily living and to manage their own mental health more effectively.

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Learning Difficulties:

We have a very successful track record in providing community based, 24 supported accommodation and Outreach support, to people with a wide range of complex learning difficulties, including autism and aspergers.

Select Support Partnerships believe that people with a Learning Disabilities have the same right as other members of the community to services that support a high quality of life. Embracing a social model of inclusion and integration, Select Support Partnerships supports service users to have a choice over their daily lives, and have a real chance to maximise their independence.

Fundamental to our methodology is partnership working, with the service user at the centre of the decision making process. A person centred approach is applied to all work carried out with service users, empowering them to play an active role in their communities, promoting self responsibility and enabling them to realise (their) potential.

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Vulnerable Adults:

Select Support Partnerships supports people aged 18 and over who need Community Care Services because of mental or other disability, age or illness. Who are, or may be, unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves  from significant harm or exploitation.

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Black & Minority Ethnic Communities:

We have extensive experience of working with the BME community and this is also reflected in our workforce.  We work with families where use of English is limited or is the second language and we are able to communicate in Urdu, Gujarati and Punjabi.

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