Learning Disability

Select Support Partnerships believe that people with a Learning Disabilities have the same right as other members of the community to services that support a high quality of life. Embracing a social model of inclusion and integration, Select Support Partnerships supports service users to have a choice over their daily lives, and have a real chance to maximise their independence.

Fundamental to our methodology is partnership working, with the service user at the centre of the decision making process. A person centred approach is applied to all work carried out with service users, empowering them to play an active role in their communities, promoting self responsibility and enabling them to realise (their) potential.

We see engaging with and respecting individuals as key to our success.  We are committed to providing and developing services, which meet the needs of the diverse communities in which we work, and as an organisation we celebrate diversity.

Hence we attempt to work with the service user to provide a non-discriminatory flexible service, which will met their cultural, spiritual, social and health needs.

We believe the starting point of any support plan, is the Person Centred Plan. To empower service users; you need to have an effective mechanism of communicating/listening to them, and understand what is important to them. By providing individualised Person Centred Support, Select Support Partnerships can meet individual needs and respond to the changing needs of service user.

Download a PDF version of our Learning Disability brochure.