Our range of environments are designed to provide options and flexibility for service users and commissioning partners. We provide a recovery pathway for people who have complex, treatment resistant, mental illness, and learning difficulties, who often require long term 24 hour support. However, we work in partnership to deliver services in the most cost-effective and least restrictive environment.

We are constantly seeking investment opportunities and looking for suitable land and property in a number of areas of the UK suitable for the development of a range of new and innovative services, with a flexible option on bed numbers.

We can deliver high quality mental health services between 10 -32 beds (residential complex care- registered as a mental health nursing home, or 12-36 beds (Independent hospital for slow-stream recovery). We also provide a range of smaller 24 hour supported accommodation in either group living or individual flats, and independent living with outreach support.

“We are actively seeking UK wide investment opportunities and would be interested to hear from commissioning partners where there may be an opportunity to develop high quality, value for money, mental health services specifically for a local region. We will always work in full consultation and collaboration with our commissioning partners, so please feel able to contact me at any time to informally explore some of the options available”.