Our Commitment

Select Support Partnerships service ethos is based around the aspiration that we work in collaborative partnership with our service users to “together inspiring a better future”. As an organisation we are committed to putting recovery and independence at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment is to constantly deliver, high quality, safe and purposeful services, in the least restrictive environment, where the service user can learn to live as independently as possible.

As part of this process we recognise that there are many of our service users whose recovery journey needs to reach out beyond the physical boundaries of residential services and that for them to really achieve a fulfilling life, we need to be supporting them to be more independent and to develop their skills, abilities, confidence and ambitions back in the wider community.

To this end Select Support Partnerships have developed a range of opportunities for our service users to safely and securely access their own independent accommodation in partnership with Select Support Partnerships, RSL providers or through the private rented sector. Working collaboratively with service user, their families, care coordinators and local commissioners to provide a suitable care package to support the service user in their recovery.

We ensure that the service user is firmly in control of their recovery by creating individual programmes based on their goals and aspirations, supported by our highly skilled staff team. Our community services are designed to empower service users by providing opportunity and hope through active recovery programmes.

We are developing models of intensive supported living; taking service users out of the institutional environments of hospitals and care homes and supporting them to develop the skills and confidence needed to live ‘independently’ in the community.