Quality and Governance

We expect all of our employees to deliver the highest standards of treatment, care, and intervention. This is supported by a culture of being open and transparent, and delivering evidenced-based practice for continuous learning and improvement. We aspire to be a viewed as centre of excellence for good practice by other health and social care organisations, and set a benchmark for safety, quality, compliance and governance.

We will ensure that our services are comprehensively regulated and monitored through a process of internal and external audit, action planning and exceeding mandatory statutory compliance standards. We will measure our success by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes.

We aspire to being open, learning from any incidents which may occur, offering speedy resolution and effectively managing all risk. We do this via our incident reporting process, complaints process, risk register and risk assessment process.

Our approach to governance brings together corporate responsibility, clinical excellence, information security, health and safety and risk management. At all times, we are working towards increasing efficiency, effectiveness and the overall quality of our services.